I would love to learn where your "desert abode" is, scum-sucker. Please share your address.

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Hopefully soon, but never soon enough!

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I am awake

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One could make an argument which I will refrain from that the US is an extension of the third....

Thanks for your kind comment ...

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Once again you hit a home run, Charles. The intellect of our founding fathers was amazing, and they truly served their country risking their lives and everything if they failed. This bunch of cowards we have now only serve themselves. We have the worst politicians money can buy.

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NATO should have been disbanded with the Warsaw Pact (remember them?) but some pro "human rights" organization created, to ensure the rights of people who were forced to live without rights for decades under Communist Rule whose structures remained after the 'revolutions.'

Like in Ukraine!

But hey, that's Ivory Tower crap that would have mucked up "Six Ways From Sunday" in the immortal words of Chuck Schumer.

And great job, Charles. Superb!

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We seem to worship the worst among us ,the psychopaths who control D.C , it’s the Beast System , it’s opposes Christ’s Kingdom and its freedom.The Beast produces war, debt, slavery,sickness, disease, death,by their fruits you shall know them.

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I figure the main idea is to thin the herd. The aristocks are getting crowded around out here, bumping into thinking commoners again that want theirs too, and not second this time either so they go find the ones who wannabe one of them, give him a pat on the ass and a million pounds and "off you go, keep the heathens out there with you, we got more for you later, you can join next year, now...go earn our keep, hurry up you little bastard, and bring back double what you did last time, use gas. Yeah, yeah, sure we like you, now.....git!!"

I am "back on the land" and it's a lot of work. I like that "nomenklatura" down, or up, there, nice word

Here, in Amerika, we had a hero, John Wayne was his name, he was a smoker like me, his secret to taming the hostiles may still work for Kevin McCarthy

*************************"More whiskey, and fresh horses for my men".*****************....

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It will continue, it's not just the Ukraine, we are also supporting the military Industrial complex by sending more arms and equipment to Taiwan, and don't forget we already gave the Taliban a whole bunch of equipment. Also Obummer sent boat loads of money to Iran, and then there is of course Israel, who's only support is trying to sink the USS Liberty and killing part of her crew.

NATO should have ended when the Soviet Union fell.

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Perhaps the greatest factor in the decline of America is universal suffrage. The founders knew better than to let every ignorant yahoo make decisions about the fate of the nation. But now they do.

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Christ’s apostle’s andHis early ecclesia hid in their homes from the political and religious tyranny of the 1st century, I think that is where are today.Christ must reign till all enemies under His feet, His Kingship has no borders unlike the government’s of men.

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