Thank you for the opportunity to vent. It is Snark Hunting season and yesterday the Snark and I were chewing the fat.

I think everyone should be allowed to express who they are however they want and however they feel. That is why America sucks it is a nation of effing Marxists.

The University of Sherbrook runs health education and welfare and are doing a bang up job adapting to a new World Order.

They require students, staff and faculty to identify themselves as they perceive themselves. I think myself as Silly Sybin a magical mushroom. If America allowed this there would be one happy old geezer north of the border I hate fascism but understand the appeal of everyone must act American. Does that mean we can shit anywhere and never worry about cleaning up. In Quebec there is no such thing as race, religion or gender because they are not binary and religion is bullshit; it has not been seen measured or weighed; it is ether. just like the legal sophists who define your constitution without the dictionary . It was 18th century there was no Webster's the constitution was written in ENGLISH and in ENGLISH religion meant (ALL RELIGION) meant ENGLISH Protestantism or some other European Manichean lunacy.

I know what I believe but let us examine a Dictionary. I use two term President of PEN International John Ralston Saul's Doubters Companion : A Dictionary of Aggressive Common Sense. Viking Press 1994

MORAL CRUSADE: Public activity undertaken by middle aged men who are cheating on their wives and diddling little boys.

How conservative can you get than ancient Rome and Athens and Victorian England or America's bible belt?

MARXIST: The only functioning Marxists left in the West are the senior management of large, usually transnational corporations. The only serious Marxist thinkers are NEO-CONSERVATIVE.

I certainly will not debate the meaning of axiomatic.

NEO-CONSERVATIVE: The exact opposite of a conservative.

Neo-conservative are the Bolsheviks of the Right. Like the Bolsheviks, they appear in restrained groups driven by a simple ideology. They seek practical ways to achieve real power in order to make revolutionary changes. These "practical ways" usually involve creating misunderstanding over the "revolutionary change to follow.

The dictionary is 30 years old but has withstood the test of time and America if it doesn't change direction will not need a dictionary in 30 years it has enough Humpty Dumpties to destroy 10 Earths.

" If I use a word it means what I want it to mean no more no less." Supreme Court Justice Humpty Dumpty. Esq. in Alice Adventures through the Looking Glass.

I bet if the Post and Times weren't so NEOO-CONSERVATIVE some of the talent would love to quote the cancelled John Ralston a Socratic Philosopher and historic economist whose name must never be whispered inside the gates of Hell.

Here in Canada he talks Gaza and Covid23 on World television but is never to be seen south of the border in Rome.


Doesn't that stimulate some dead neurons? He is an INTELLECTUAL GIANT and you can't listen to him. Have another COFFEE and I must stop before my arteries start rupturing from the pressure.

I may not be my usual self and reply immediately my step daughter is arriving on thursday. It will require a kilo of cannabis and ten cartons of tobaccos. I would like to take her over my knee and spank some sense into her naked ass but my stiff phallus would tell her I am horny not pissed off at myself for not doing it 40 years ago when she couldn't collect SS and wasn't a poor oppressed American grandmother. Stiff phallus do not lie but they don't always tell truth. In Yiddish stiff phalluses are non sentient.

Long long ago I remember a song by the Kinkster.

Homo Erectus I hope it doesn't offend your American delicate sensibilities.


I am 75 and five years ago I said to my guru I will never learn how to write and now I can't stop write I like my wit better than Bill Maher but Sasha Cohen is one great philosopher, Jimmy Carr understands the universe, Eugenia Cheng is great abstract mathematician and what can one say about Stephen Fry. I may not like or admire the English but they have much to offer and America promises only an early grave. I want to die so the best mortician on the planet can't erase my silly grin and the doctors can't stop my hysterical laughter.

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From my dictionary;

BIBLE BELT That stretch of land from the Atlantic to the Pacific the North Pole to the Rio Grande not including Quebec, British Columbia and Manitoba and much of Ontario.

I am not Hobbesian. Given a choice between lunacy and humanism most us would choose the Quebec way. We are all shit useless humans and let us not mope but celebrate our lunacy. I was married on Groundhog day and then the movie came out so I remember to celebrate. Everyday is April 1 long before a stupid but cheery fairytale movie.

We can use a lot of do overs but that would defy the laws of the universe.

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Moe, this will be brief. My wife has COVID and I don't feel so hot, either. Probably will avoid the computer for a few days. Your imaginary "Bible Belt" no longer exists. So many Yankees have escaped New York, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, and California that secular humanism has taken over where atheism hasn't.

Years ago, my wife and I took a Beer Tour of Charleston that started in a large one-time Protestant church that has been made into a tavern. Even in eastern Tennessee, old Christians admit their churches are dying.

Thomas Hobbes knew exactly what he was talking about.

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Well wishes for you and wife

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Hobbes was an idiot because there were no Jews to talk to about the meaning of Jonah. It is Pandora's box not the apocalypse. In Quebec religion is Evil officially but astrology is big business go figure and even the opposition parties boast 70% approval. This is not American democracy but I am overjoyed at your optimism. Quebec is Christian because religion is EVIL. Who duh thunk it.

Be well my friend be well there is covid in my Toronto family and there are many Israelis in my family.

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Religion is an institution run by believers of something they believe in. The more I read Blavatsky, the more that astrology seems like science.

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I love double entendre so I will admit astrology is way beyond my grade leve. I might understand brain surgery but am incapable but astrology? I can't even understand the metaphysics. I get a call a week from Astrologie Montreal. I never even considered learning crypto and I can't begin to consider its meaning. They say I am a genius at logic and astrology is way beyond my limited comprehension. Unless I find some new understanding astrology is not my cup of tea. Astronomy; lets talk, Astrology down the hall and to the left/.

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Nov 27, 2023·edited Nov 27, 2023Author

Synchronicity or coincidence? Yesterday I was reading about how astonomical events in the Heavens effect our moods (e.g. the Full Moon) and that most of our heat is created by internal forces beneath the sea. And this morning, MSN reports that tonight is the Beaver Moon and that beavers are unusually active at this time of year. My wife is not buying it.

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