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No doubt the CIA is on the ground fermenting trouble and equipping the war mongers,maybe even stealth technology. If the banksters want war, there will be war!

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Thanks. No doubt we hang by a few shreds of finger nails over the abyss. I and I am sure you shake with rage at what has happened to our world. We let the psychopathic child predators into our packs. This is what happens when we do that. They must be stopped. NOW.

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Russia has every right to retaliate in kind to these attacks. I find it hard to believe that the Ukraine military carried out these attacks by themselves. Perhaps there was a Ukrainian officer standing somewhere close to the NATO specops troops who carried out this attack.

The only way this could change the dynamics in play is if Putin is in on this just playing his part. Russia does have a central banking system and we all know the sway those devils have worldwide. Who knows, we an only speculate?

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Charles, one of my rare disagreements with you.

1. Putin was blatant about his reason for the invasion. He wants to reunite the Ukrainian and Russian orthodox churches as a prelude to punishing both Poland and Estonia for embracing Catholicism.

2. It's not at all amazing that cruise missiles could penetrate Russian airspace if the missiles were launched close to their targets. Unlike ballistic missiles whose target can be inferred from the flight angle beginning at re-entry, a missile under active control cannot have its target inferred. Even if Russia could infer the target, anti-aircraft missiles are relatively short range. By the time the missile is detected it may be travelling too fast to strike. The only reliable anti-aircraft weapon that can deal with a short-range supersonic or hypersonic incoming missile is a Directed Energy Weapon. I do not believe Russia has any of those, although they experimented with them in the 1980s.

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“The latent national security implications of that observation are chilling since Western hawks might mistakenly interpret this development as signaling that they too can directly attack Russia’s strategic nuclear forces without fear of significant repercussions like provoking a nuclear war."

Yes, this is the insanity that may lead us into nuclear war.

Since the triumph of "precision guided" weapons of the first Gulf War, the Russians have said numerous times that conventional precision attack on their Strategic Nuclear Forces would not lesson the chances they would respond with nuclear forces, nor should it!

This is exactly why the late Peter Pry advised re-equipping our US Naval forces with something like 2000 nuclear weapons, carriers, attack subs, missile destroyers and cruisers. Any attack on Strategic Weapon Systems (or tactical nuclear ones) justifies a reply in kind!

This would "mimic" the situation from the early 90's just after the Cold War supposedly ended and before our surface Navy was de-nuclearized.

Some little bullcrap nation attempts to sink a nuclear powered and nuclear armed Supercarrier, they would be facing potential tactical nuclear removal of any and all military and economic assets!

Nobody respects you if you are not willing to use your most powerful weapons for defense. of your citizens and installations. This is part of America's problem internationally, and one Vlad Putin seems to be rushing to grasp!

China, nobody knows, but they will still be suspected of being a "paper tiger" till they prove otherwise.

Terrific article, Charles my friend!

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