We are not a Christian nation as we were at the Founding. Nor do we have a population that cares very much about truth. I contend the Federal government is organized crime. And this at a minimum can go back to the days of FDR. Lucky Luciano set free to help the invasion of Italy.

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For now, I'm filing this under 'Fun Fables.'

We were a Christian nation; a plurality of the Founding Fathers were Deists, a sort of Libertarian version of monotheism. Many did belong to varied Christian denominations, but were actually practicing a faith that aligned well with their libertarian political philosophy.

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I have read that the general population is willing to allow a certain amount of corruption. How much that 'certain amount' is or what it entails is the prevailing question.

The in your face corruption we have right now is too much and too obvious. The purveyors think they have to hurry and do as much damage as possible before the political winds change. I think the winds have already changed and they are getting sloppy and arrogant in their haste.

It is past the point where the voting machines and fraud can keep them in power without it being too obvious. They know this and are showing that in their lawless actions. JMHO

I like the review and the breakdown of the concepts and people involved. Took a deep dive into organized crime before the internet and many of these names and crimes are familiar. This all goes way deeper than any of us could ever imagine.

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Probably helpful to have it documented in a book.

Might need actual paper books for when the plug is pulled.

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