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It’s been said that the Ukraine is the most corrupt country in the world. One doesn’t normally associate western countries with corruption, but it seems countries like the U.S., Canada, and England, are just better at hiding their corruption. The U.S. is becoming exposed, and it could very well hold the #1 spot over Ukraine.

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“ A dung heap in a poison swamp” great line. America’s is still exceptional at creating debt, war, poverty, corruption. From Christian self governance to the Beast System!

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As old Benjamin Franklin is famously quoted to have said to a woman who asked about the nature of the government, republic or monarchy (dictatorship) after the 1787 Constitutional Convention, “A republic, Madam, if you can keep it.” It seems that now we have our answer.

He is credited to have later added that the republic would over time devolve into a monarchy (dicktastership) anyway.

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The USA can become exceptional again, but has a major hurdle in its way: An inability to postpone gratification, coupled with an unwillingness to learn history. I devoted nearly 25 years of my life trying to deal with these.

The first issue I tackled was gay rights in the military. When I retired from the military I had a host of friends, acquaintances and colleagues in the upper ranks. I saw them individually and presented each with a business case documenting the enormous cost in revenue and readiness by maintaining the status quo. Eventually this led to Don't Ask/Don't Tell. This was later viewed derisively, but was a necessary step in moving the organization toward readiness for change.

The second issue was bias against non-English-speaking immigrants. I volunteered as a local court translator in Spanish, Portuguese, German and French. I had passed all four language tests with a high-enough score to qualify as a translator in Federal Courts. I learned quickly that I needed more than mere fluency. My first appearance was a comedy of errors. I didn't know that unless the fellow pled guilty to speeding he had to go to the County Courthouse (this was a municipal court). A few other mis-steps and the judge gave him probation before verdict. He had to get a driver's license within 30 days.

I contacted a local university's Spanish Club to recruit a facilitator for each immigrant. I asked each facilitator to contact the County Bar Association to get names of attorneys who needed to fulfill their pledge for pro bono work. I told each team of three to contact me 24/7. Then I called local food banks to arrange to be available to translate at specific times.

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