I live a good and comfortable life too in most respects. That has not always been true as my younger years were lived in poverty and often at the very edge of poverty. What I see happening disturbs me because I know that those most affected have much less than I. It worries me what kind of life my children and Grandchildren will grow up in.

That being said, I am not miserable, just aware because I know our future is in God's hands. We can control how we feel and what we believe, along with how much empathy we have for others. If I get too comfortable, I may forget where I came from. These are only my personal perspectives, not meant to be used to measure others.

Good day Charles, your posts are always thought provoking.

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I’m a Canadian. I’ve been a big big supporter of the US. But for what it’s worth the LEADERSHIP of the US is demonic.

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We, even the whole we, don't count for shit, and it ain't my fault either.

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:) The sun rising in the east and setting in the west is the very definition of those words. (Substitute stars if for some spinning body lacking a sun.)

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The way you hear it out in the street, god gave us free will. I believe that free will gave man god, God the Concept. I am still holding out for the proof that god ever did anything. I do have enough to enjoy most of my own blessed continuing biological event, and mightily so, I do feel free and I let myself dig the shit out of it all. I do still buy lottery tickets though, so I must want something, I guess.

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Good post, thank you.

Re prescriptions. All taxpayers may be paying to subsidize pharmaceuticals giving big p-harm-a a guaranteed income. If prescription cheaper people can have more and big pharma will rub its hands in glee as the tills ring.

The fact that most big pharma drugs are neuro-toxic and cause more harm than good is a mere trifle of course.


Re USA and Ukraine I am from the UK and it rains a lot. I think sometimes my government has got confused as it is giving arms to the Ukraine.


As regards the USA being evil, well the country gave Satan some space and because if you give him and inch he will take a mile, then the whole country this is now a problem.

As a consequence the heavenly Father is 'slightly annoyed' (English understatement) and is having to sort matters out with all His angels high and low.

He has a time frame however and whilst seemly bizarre, is observably the truth.


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