Yep. We're forked. Although I'm pretty sure Iran had their nukes ready before FJB handed their money back to them. All the sanctions in the world don't slow down buttheads like that!

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I remember the Kraken . I read about them along with Adam Eve and the serpent over 70 years ago. Today Kraken are everywhere. The fled the war in the Baltic and play hockey in Seattle and make rum taste like candy.

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“They have surpassed all nations in impertinent fables, in bad conduct and in barbarism. They deserve to be punished, for this is their destiny. The Jewish nation dares to display an irreconcilable hatred towards all nations, and revolts against all masters; always superstitious, always greedy for the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous; cringing in misfortune and insolent in prosperity.” — François-Marie Voltaire



Bolshevism and Jewry are two words for the same thing. Peace is Bolshevism’s worst enemy, which it must destroy in order to realize its plans for world domination. Thus, Bolshevism’s ever-repeated life and death declarations of battle against the whole of the world become all too understandable.




We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.



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I am 75 and new to the written word. It is very hard for me to speak to people who think like you without being there to embrace and comfort.

Iran is the home of Manicheanism and America has embraced Manicheanism.

I don't think Jesus the Nazarene was Manichean the culture was far too foreign. What do you think?

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Au contraire . . . Pardonne mon français . . . Je suis obligé d'écrire dans plusieurs langues parce que : 1. La plupart des gens aux États-Unis ont subi un lavage de cerveau leur faisant croire que les Juifs sont leur salut ; et 2., leur anglais est de la merde et ils ne peuvent pas rester silencieux assez longtemps pour entendre ou voir ce qui se passe évidemment autour d'eux . . . Le judéo-messianisme répand parmi nous son message empoisonné depuis près de deux mille ans. Les universalismes démocratique et communiste sont plus récents, mais ils n’ont fait que renforcer le vieux récit juif. Ce sont les mêmes idéaux.

Les idéaux transnationaux, transraciaux, transsexuels, transculturels que ces idéologies nous prêchent (au-delà des peuples, des races, des cultures) et qui sont le subsistance quotidienne de nos écoles, dans nos médias, dans notre culture populaire, à nos universités, et sur nos rues, ont fini par réduire notre identité biosymbolique et notre fierté ethnique à leur expression minimale.

Les banquiers juifs ont inondé l’Europe de musulmans et l’Amérique de déchets du tiers-monde . . . L'exil comme punition pour ceux qui prêchent la sédition devrait être rétabli dans le cadre juridique de l'Occident . . . Le judaïsme, le christianisme, et l’islam sont des cultes de mort originaires du Moyen-Orient et totalement étrangers à l’Europe et à ses peuples.

On se demande parfois pourquoi la gauche européenne s’entend si bien avec les musulmans. Pourquoi un mouvement souvent ouvertement antireligieux prend-il le parti d’une religiosité farouche qui semble s’opposer à presque tout ce que la gauche a toujours prétendu défendre ? Une partie de l’explication réside dans le fait que l’Islam et le marxisme ont une racine idéologique commune : le judaïsme.

Don Rumsfeld avait raison lorsqu’il disait : «L’Europe s’est décalé sur son axe», c’est le mauvais côté qui a gagné la Seconde Guerre mondiale, et cela devient chaque jour plus clair . . . Qu’a fait l’OTAN pour défendre l’Europe? Absolument rien . . . Mes ennemis ne sont pas à Moscou, à Damas, à Téhéran, à Riyad ou dans quelque croque-mitaine teutonique éthéré, mes ennemis sont à Washington, Bruxelles et Tel Aviv.


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Yup, it is indeed "concrete" we live on the edge of Armageddon. All to cover up the crimes of the regime and to defect from the crash due to trillions in debt.

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Substack needs to install a new electronic "button" to indicate we agree with comments - even when those comments are apocalyptic and prophetic.

Lock and load.

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When are you going to tell us the truth about AI. You can't teach illogic on this side of the looking glass. Dodgson created Wonderland as his world of illogic and it sure looks a lot like looking into a mirror.

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Charles I am looking for a crystal clear way of saying I never learned to draw a letter or how to tie my shoes. People don't understand what it means to fail kindergarten and be told you're a genius. I was pretty disordered. I am glad to report that on the imaginary line between what was and what will I am in total harmony. I think that is why Eugenia Cheng is such a refreshing unstereotypical English Philosopher. Life is comedy for those who think. I rather listen to Cheng than Wittgenstein 8 days a week. I know Wittgenstein was Jewish but The University of Chicago has style even as it lacks substance. There I go with Newton , Milton and Locke again. If only Hobbes had named his thesis something other than the only true miracle in the Bible that ends by saying even God can't tell the future.

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Biden will do it for them

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Charles your doing a great job. I just don't censor and spends hours thinking somethings need to be said only in the closet where I speak to my God. Ten minutes later I read Irving Layton's for my Brother Jesus. I can still watch Irving Layton on Fighting Words supporting Smut because it is the only morally courageous thing to do. Back in 1960 Layton was talking about the Putin/Zelenskiy conflict and we lost Irving long before he died but the Archives tell us the meaning of Patrick Henry 's Give me Liberty or give me death Patrick Henry was an English Immigrant. He arrived with a fine education and oratorical skills. He wasn't from Guatemala or Haiti.


Defending Dirt and slamming smut

In 1960 Quebec was all about the censorship of thought and in 2023 anything goes but it begins in kindergarten and we are two generations into truthtelling and it works for me.


The Perils of Independence

Giving independence to underdeveloped countries "is like the gift of a razor to a child."

I am teaching my American philosopher wife Canadian history. Beaverbrook was not a friend to Jews.


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I know you will enjoy the second show. Have you watched any Behan plays?

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No. In fact I never heard of the man until just now. Thank you for broadening my horizons.

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Thank you for broadening my horizons.

This is my third attempt at a response navigating websites designed for writers is beyond my 75 years. I have no idea where to find my responses when they suddenly disappear. I could never program a VCR but I could read a schematic. I've always understood AI I just don't follow human logic.

In 1755 another Lord Beaverbrook wrote the Dictionary of the English Language.


In 1775 he wrote Taxation no Tyranny


In 1789 conservatism had a very different meaning.

The opposite of conservative was evolutionary and in 1789 Thomas Jefferson was a communist/socialist who called the constitution an abomination.

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Chapter One Verse One The American Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth

Thomas Jefferson 1820

From the Greek, Latin French and English


The Roman Empire is taxed.

1. AND it came to pass in those days, (directly taken from Passover services) that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus (as in render unto Caesar), that all the world should be taxed.

The constitution is unAmerican that is why Scalia never spoke the truth.

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Please forgive the hysteria I was telling my wife the story of the cancelling of the trans M&M as she raided the Halloween stash and I didn't know whether to cry or laugh. In Quebec M&Ms are binary; citizens have no gender.

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Evolution or Revolution

Thanks Charles

I will be cross examining myself for a week. I live in a hockey town and I haven't seen a single Kraken game so I am swallowed up by the web. Imagine an economy where hockey cards are the dominant currency. Hockey cards are almost as insane as gold having no real value other than their perceived nobility. Even democracy comes with a heavy cost.

I am 75 . I was born in Montreal in 1948 and hockey was a religion and Kraken lived between Norway and Iceland in the Baltic not in Seattle on the Pacific. I am autistically disordered and can't tie my shoes or draw a straight line but in 1955 on St Patrick's Day I was seven and celebrating turning eight and the Richard Riot was justified because without the Kraken who wants to live?. In Montreal, 21st century hockey riots usually involve 10 year olds and their six year old fathers and mothers.

It is 2023 and Montreal is no longer the largest French speaking city after Paris and hockey riots seem

calmer than an Irish Wake in Montreal.


It takes passion to riot. I never saw the Kraken play hockey. My brother in law loves hockey but to me I never watch hockey. I know if I ever see the Kraken I will be at the home where on Saturday we will sit around the TV and discuss how wonderful life was before The Kraken played hockey.🤣😢

Speaking of Art History recently wasn't there a Jewish prophet before Mancheanism hit Iran two centuries before it hit Rome and Europe? I remember the prophet but his name escapes me. He said: Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's render unto God what is God's . He said it in modern Aramaic not quite as modern as Arabic but much more modern than Hebrew.

What do you think he meant?

I bet in Quebec we can draft at least 200 teams of Kraken and provide Israel and Iran two teams each.

Perfect article or more appropriate very timely.

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In Matthew 22, Jesus says that people should "render unto Caesar" tax money. Of course, He might have been joking. The scriptures are filled with jokes. You just have to know where to find them. Another one of His clever jokes is recorded in the book of John (chapter 14, verse 6).

It is likely that the Kraken have lived in Middle Earth for countless centuries and they have only been wakened by the Obama administration's sudden realization that if the USA doesn't conquer the world in the next 12 months, the window of opportunity will close.

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I write only for my own amusement and your writing makes me happy kind of what tell me is a heroine rush.

I've been talking Kraken all week and I don't do rum or hockey. I was talking Gaza Ukraine and Lord Beaverbrook.

Lord Beaverbrook is Satan and Donald Trump is the Messiah. Rosemary Baby is not fiction it is a sign from above.

Can I call you Dr Watson or Big Blue? I think Dr is a bit pretentious. I am pleased to meet you.

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I recommended myself. There is in B+W on 63 year old video Gaza was the responsibility of Lord Beaverbrook and we're waiting for Beaverbrook to come up with the solution. I am high functioning autistically disordered. I am not insane.

Iceland and Norway speak Ukrainian not Russian but that is a question for Steven Pinker who knows what he is talking about. I told you I failed High School and failed kindergarten. This is the game without rules. We must speak the truth as we understand it and our poet's creed is On seeing a Louse on a Lady's Bonnet in Church.

O what power the Giftee gie us to see ourseles as ithers see us.


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I am disordered but high functioning I am on an unmystical quest trying not to see magic in the universe. I promised a Buddhist monk I would try to write my story and I only have an oral tradition It took me 50 years to begin learning how to write. I learned how to read as an infant with no teacher only books. I was six when we got television. It is hard to learn reading on radio. I could never deny the existence of god but religion is nonsense. There is no Alpha and Omega now is an imaginary line between what was and what will be. That is the story of Pandora's Jar the basis of Western Civilization. That is why all we have is hope for a better future because the past was always better than the imaginary present.

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In the 1960s I was pretty fair and balanced I subscribed to National Review, Ramparts and The Realist. I am they say wide spectrumly disordered.

I write brilliant political satire only I understand but I write only because I enjoy writing. It took me fifty years to even begin learning how to write and it has blossomed into full time addiction. Writing isn't easy but it is something I must do because it is something I must do.

I am 75 does my addiction harm society?

Do you understand how people who make those decisions think?

Ben Franklin created public institutions. He never went to school he taught himself to read and write setting type and became a millionaire from writing about the Tesla and common sense solutions and heading the Public Relations firm The Boston Patriots.

It is rumoured he wrote the lyrics to April in Paris./S

There is a problem being a genius a logic. As Charles Dodgson tells us sometimes logic isn't logical.

I don't care about whether or not Dodgson was a pedophile I'll never know for sure he has been dead and gone a long time but his art we see everyday of our lives in his words that create music and song that even the fascist Walt couldn't destroy.

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Thank you Charles,

I think we finally landed on the right page where we share a common reality. I soiled my drawers when I revisited 1960 and Lord Beaverbrook. I had been discussing Lord Beaverbrook since the terrorists attacked from Gaza and I have friends on both sides and I love my friends. I really have a problem counting passed one. What is the word for too many dialogues for one brain?

Everybody is looking for who to blame for Gaza and the metaphysics say Lord Beaverbrook designed Gaza. Why are we using Lord Beaverbrook to fix the problem he designed in the first place. I lost Gaza in the fog of war. and you brought me back to 1960 and right back to 1945 and the metaphysics and the guilty party. Is it too late to send Lord Beaverbrook to The Hague?

In Canada we had two Kings in 1945 one was English he was William Lyon Mackenzie King the Prime Minister and one was German we called him George.

They kept us out of England from the Crusades till the end of the English Civil War but Germans came up with the final solution. My wife is half German and we came up with a happier solution.😜

If you watch Fighting Words on Lord Beaverbrook wear a disposable diaper I wish I had.

Gaza begins with Lord Beaverbrook. We knew it in 1960 . Why don't we know it it in 2023? They even gave away a better translation of the bible to their audience of book readers.

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His name was Esa

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I spell it Esau but it wasn't Esau it wasn't even Ismael son of ABRAHAM the wandering Aramean.

Stephen Pinker is the evolutionary linguist. I don't mind informed opinion but when I can get empirical evidence why be a cynic and the prophet was a Nazarene and a lowly uneducated peasant. Hebrew is ancient Aramean. Jesus spoke middle Aramean and Palestinians speak modern Aramean. Language evolves as cultures evolve.

In his dictionary gave words their origin their meaning and put the words in context.

I am an idiot. I need Johnson's dictionary to explain the constitution and it doesn't mean anything you think it means. Religion is synonymous with virtue and virtue is the belief in Heaven and Hell and an eternity of reward or punishment. I am with Twain an eternity of boredom sounds like more than enough punishment. 🤣🤣🤣

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I 've been thinking how lucky I was being born in 1948 when wide spectrum autistic disorder was not even a thing. At eight I was a genius in logic and linguistics and failing school. In 2023 I would be teaching at Harvard and would missed all 75 years of childhood.🤣

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Speaking of perception. I saw a NYT article on Doug Emhoff Kamala Harris' husband and AMERICAN Lawyer. They talked about his being a liason to the "Jewish" community. What about me?

I grew up in Montreal's Jewish Ghetto before Kamala Harris and went to the same PROTESTANT schools. She speaks with the same accent as most Jewish Montreal Jews speak with. She grew up near the Jewish General Hospital where oncology research which Kamala's mother taught is still world class. It is only a block and and half from St Mary's but when when Kamala and I grew up the wall was impregnable. Kamala went to Westmount High School where the government said 85% of our citizens were forbidden to go. Today Westmont High School is not just a school for Protestants, Jews , Moslems, Atheists and Agnostics Catholics can go to same school as Leonard Cohen and Kamala Harris.

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